Cowboy Action Scores

Download the flyer for all the details for the Mainville Christmas Party.

The entire range will be closed for regular rifle deer season 11/30 – 12/14.  The range will be open as normal on Sundays or for emergency only ( if you drop your rifle while hunting you may use the range to check your zero)

NO RECREATIONAL SHOOTING during hunting hours!

The rifle range at the Mainville Sportsman Club will be closed for approximately one hour between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm on Friday, 10/18, to allow for setup of Saturday’s Buffalo Shoot.

Cowboy Action Scores are posted for June 9th 2019.
Doc Allenwood took the over all win with Dodge Bill shooting a Clean Match.
Congratulation Dodge Bill for shootin straight all day.


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Range Hours

8:00 am to Sunset

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