Dues 2023

Thank you to all the members who renewed their membership for 2023.  The grace period for late payment has now passed.  Anyone who did not renew has had their gate card deactivated. 

In 2022, the membership voted to implement a $50 reinstatement fee for members rejoining the Club in addition to the $50 annual dues.  However, the Club by-laws allow for the Board to waive the reinstatement fee if the lapse in membership was due to military deployment or other hardship. 

If you would like to rejoin the Club and would like to request a waiver of the reinstatement fee, click on link below for the Waiver Request Form and follow the directions on the form.

Late payments can be sent directly to the Membership Director, Mainville Sportsmen’s Club, P.O. Box 567, Mifflinville, PA 18631

Or you can take your late payment in person to the Club Treasurer, Mike Felegie, during his regular business hours at Felegie Enterprises, 1233 Tomhicken Rd, Fern Glen, PA 18241

Club VP, Curt Morehead, will also accept in-person payments during regular business hours at Curt’s Gun Shop in Mifflinville.

Please direct any questions to the Membership Director :  joyce@mainvillesportsmensclub.org