Many of our group events involve shooting multiple classes and multiple yardages. Each class and distance is scored separately then combined. Relating all the events fired to “minute of angle” measurements then averaging the scores does this. Each class and then all classes and distances combined are recognized for awards. A shooter doesn’t have to fire in all the aggregates of any event. You are free to choose any single class, yardage, or any combination at any of our events. The only requirement is a gun that conforms to the rules for that class. Matches are held in all regions of the U.S. as well as in several locations around the world. The match schedule runs so that you may be firing in the summer heat of Florida or in the frigid winter leagues of upstate New York. Since the ability to adapt to changing conditions is one of Benchrest’s hallmarks, there isn’t much that will cancel a match.

The Mainville Sportsmen’s Club hold various bench rests shoots throughout the year as part of our affiliation with the International Benchrest Shooters and have been doing so since 1973. We presently have ranges set at 100, 200, and 300 yards.

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We have had shooters from all over the world attend matches at our range throughout the years. Germany, Saudi Arabia, Hawaii, Greenland, Canada, France, and England are some of the countries represented at our matches in past years.

Our range is probably better known throughout the U.S. then it is by local shooters. We have held some of the largest matches shot in the U.S. at the club.

Each year we apply for a certain number of shoot dates. During those dates the club’s range is closed for the matches.

If anyone is interested in Benchrest Shooting the best way to get info is to click on the International Benchrest Shooters Website www.internationalbenchrest.com all the rules and regulations are listed there, and also much more information.

A safety meeting is held at 9:30 before the shooting begins. Normally at about 10:00 AM. We have a drawing for one door prize, and oftentimes two. Coffee and Donuts are served in the morning while a hot meal is set out for dinner.

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