United States Practical Shooting Association

The United States Practical Shooting Association match is a fast and exhilarating form of practical shooting.  You can learn all about it here: https://uspsa.org/ 

But here’s a short summary:


1.Practical competition is open to all reputable persons of all ages without regard to occupation.

2.Accuracy, power and speed are the equivalent elements of practical shooting and practical competition must be conducted in such a way as to evaluate these elements equally.

3.Firearm types are not separated within their respective divisions; all compete together without handicap. This does not apply to the power of the firearms as power is an element to be recognized and rewarded.

4.Practical shooting competition is a test of expertise in the use of practical firearms and equipment.

5.Practical competition is conducted using practical targets, which reflect the general size and shape of such objects as the firearm used may reasonably be called upon to hit in their primary intended use.

6.The challenge presented in practical competition must be done with the utmost safety in mind. Courses of Fire should follow a practical rationale and simulate hypothetical situations in which firearms might reasonably be used.

7.Practical competition is diverse, never permitting unrealistic specialization of either technique or equipment. Problems are constantly changed. The exception is Classifier Stages which are used to measure practical shooting skill.

8.Practical competition is freestyle. In essence, the competitive problem is posed in general and the participant is permitted the freedom to solve it in the manner he considers best within the limitations of the competitive situation as provided

USPSA matches are held on the second Saturday of the month.


See the calendar at https://www.mainvillesportsmensclub.org/calendar/ for this year’s dates.

Registration is 9:00 AM- 9:44 AM, Mandatory Safety meeting (If you don’t attend the Safety meeting you don’t shoot) 9:45 AM

Shooting begins at 10:00 AM and is usually done by 3:00 PM

REGISTRATION FEE: $20.00 per gun. Shooters may shoot multiple guns, but must pay and fill out a score sheet for each gun.

Match Director:
Scott Neuhard