Show your support for the Club with a new T-shirt and/or hat emblazoned with the Club name!

Sep 7, 2021

Club T-shirts and hats are available for purchase at every membership meeting (the third Thursday of every month).  T-shirts are available for $15 and hats for $10.  The T-shirts are available in green with tan lettering and in tan with green lettering.  Hats are tan.  Proceeds from the sales support Club activities.


Range update

The range will be closed for approximately one hour between 11 and 12 on Friday 7/22 in order to set up for Saturday's Buffalo Shoot.

Range will be closed

The rifle range will be closed for approximately 1 hour between 11am and 12pm on Friday  6/17 to allow setup for Saturday's Buffalo Shoot.

In memoriam: 

William "Bill" Lathrup - One of the original members of the Mainville Sportsmen's Club and a founding member of the Cowboy Committee. Nov. 24, 2021